HUMLE Soap/ Shampoo bar

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These bars from Humle från Kalvsved are not just nice smelling, they do wonders as well! Both for hair and body. Your skin gets that squeaky clean feeling and your hair feels fresher and cleaner. All ingredients are 100% natural. As there is hop in these bars, they do have a certain antibacterial effect. I'm not saying this is something for you with a medical condition that needs a dr's attention, but for us with dry, irritated NOT broken skin from various reasons, the problems gets less severe, such as dry hands from sanitizer/ delicate skin after a tattoo (when the crust is gone ofc), these bars make life easier. They also makes an irritated scalp become a healthy non- irritated scalp! These bars are handmade in Ydre, Sweden.

Hop was used as one of the main ingredients in beer as it's antibacterial. So... cheers?
Apelsini- A mild scent from orange blossoms
Skogsglänta- A fresh  scent from pine and mint
Trevlig Tea Tree- As pure tea tree oil as it gets.

Olive oil, coconut oil, rape seed oil, essential oils and hop oil.